Frequently asked questions!

or, questions which we want to clarify

What will happen with original files?

Nothing. App only read them, all outputs are newly created.

Will processing preserve EXIF info?

Nope. EXIF info is not copied into new images, but we have ideas to allow this in future versions.

Can I place the watermark in the middle of the picture?

You can position textual watermark in the middle of each picture, in "watermark detail" just set "Top %" and "Left %" as 50. That means following: 50% remaining empty space will be left on the top and left of a watermark.

Did app register for opening some types in file type association ("Open With" dialog)?

Yes. Stretch Cut Watermark is registered on the system for opening three formats: ".jpg", ".bmp" and ".png". In other words, Stretch Cut Watermark appears in "Open With" dialog when you click on those file types.

Saving Watermarks - I don't see an obvious way to save a watermark setup for the next time I use the app.... is this possible?

Yes, watermark setup is automatically saved when you go to the next page, or when you start a process. Also, it's not so obvious but you can have a multi watermark setup, just click "Copy" button below "Copy this job as new one?" text. But, when App is updated, on a different computer, when some image watermark is deleted, or on similar action watermark setup is resetting back to default. We are trying to solve this in some future release.

Will processing preserve png transparency?

Yes. Since version .png transparency is preserved.

Is drag and drop feature functional?

Yes. You can drag and drop the heap of photos on Load page. That only place where dropping items are allowed.

Is it possible to change the font size?

Yes, is possible to change font family and font size on text watermarks. Font size is changed using slider next to combo box for choosing font family. There are two mods on text watermarks font: "uniform style" and "nonuniform style" which is the default. The nonuniform style just means that first letter has different font family and size than others letters.